What is YBT

Young Business Talents is the only program that gives you hands-on experience.
It’s a business simulation that lets you practice by making all kinds of decisions within a company.
You can take part in regional, national AND international competitions, which will provide an exciting incentive when using the simulation.
You will get to experience what it is like to run a company.

Awards and Diplomas

If you reach the Semifinal, you will receive a diploma certifying your participation and the added skills that you will have learned. That’s good for your resume. Those teams that take their company to the national finals will also receive another diploma certifying this achievement. That’s even better for your resume.

The diploma will help you open doors by showing that you have made an effort to learn by doing, something that companies and institutions, i.e., people who need people, value greatly.

In addition to the diploma, the teams that classify for the Final could win prizes.